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Restoration and Preservation Services


Client ideas are Two Hands springboard. Designing an overall appearance and appropriate details are among my specialties. Missing elements are replicated and new expansions sequenced through research and decades of experience developing client ideas to fruition.


Two Hands offers consulting to building owners and contractors. Interior and exterior construction and decorative concepts can be created and/or developed to suit your architecture, taste and budget.


Generating variations and sequencing are key to a successful project of any size. Sketches and detailed discussions are paramount in creating a finalized plan and clarity for all.

Construction/Replication & Recycled Components

Two Hands builds with structural integrity and ornaments with a keen eye. Log building, timber framing, balloon construction and contemporary techniques are all established parts of Two Hands history. Custom millwork and installation include built-in furnishings. A staircase, fireplace, bookcase, wainscoting, doors, windows and related moldings can be made to suit. In addition to available materials, Two Hands can replicate wood features to match your structure. With intent to lower costs and reduce environmental impact the use of recycled lumber and architectural elements is a priority.

Color Schemes

A defining aspect of any interior or exterior is its color. Historic to contemporary architecture can gain particular distinction with the proper palette. Neither cute nor garish, Two Hands colors may be subtle or striking. Critical to a balanced color scheme’s success is the placement of each.

Decorative Painting

Among Two Hands unusual offerings are specialty graphic design, sign work and pictorial painting.

General Contracting

General contracting services include references to quality skilled specialists as well as the coordinating and facilitating their work.

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