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January 1992 – Present

Two Hands

Sole Proprietorship

Design, consulting, construction and restoration of historically significant architecture.

2012       Deerfield Historical Society, Deerfield, IL

1854 Bartle Sacker Farm House, Folk

     2012 Restore front elevation to include, removel of all corner boards, casings & siding. Discover no studs seated or nailed to 6” x 6” sill beam. Laterally jack dramatic outward bulge to return wall to vertical plane. Repair framing and sheathing. Cut new bird’s mouth in porch roof rafters & lower 1990’s cedar roof to appropriate pitch of original. Replace door & window casings, drip cap & beveled siding. Cut chamfered edges into existing porch columns. Paint to match. Layout & replicate 2 double-hung windows for second floor bedrooms. Create new footings, framing, deck & railing for flat level section of handicap ramp.

1837 Caper Ott, Log Cabin

2011 Create 2 custom divided light sashes. Remove & replace 2 gable ends, repair framing. Build new window enframement & board & batten siding. Install windows. Conceive & create large framed mirror above loft ladder to allow full view of second floor from base of ladder.

1847 George Luther House, Log Cabin clad as Greek Revival, c.1865

2011 Misc. repairs including shoring in basement, corner boards & half round gutter

1854 Bartle Sacker Farm House, Folk

2011 Brace rear porch roof & remove all lower elements. Dig new footings, build framing, deck, stairs, chamfered posts & appropriate period balustrade.

c.1905 Carriage House

2011 This replica structure was constructed in 1983 by volunteers from components of four area historic barns. Two Hands project included removal of hexagonal frame over square Queen Anne stained glass window. Design & build appropriate framing, jamb, sill, casing & bracketed window hood. Devise leaded lunette window surround, create belt course between main level & upper gables. Fabricate & install diagonal bracing & collar ties throughout to stabilize building.  Repair & repaint decorative roof ventilator.

P. Akert House

1911 Tudor/Arts & Craft

Oversee tear-down & rebuild chimney. Build new saddle behind chimney. Repair, reflash & shingle roof.  Remove metal & sheathing over entry hall.  Layout & create new 3 faceted pitched roof. Flash & shingle roof. Replicate stucco texture. Reset soldier course under new flat backed gutter & down spout.

2011       Rosebury Farm, Mukwanago, WI

1911 Timber Frame Barn & Stone Silo

Restructure & flash new metal roof to silo.  Oversee re-pointing of stone silo.  Paint diamond inset concrete date panel. Repairs to roof & gutters on Morton pole barn.

Elmer Olson House

1924 Colonial Revival, Phelps, WI

Preservation of full front enclosed porch including repairs to deck framing, half wall siding & replace one set of paired columns.  Layout & frame dado, side lights & transom around new French doors.  Plan & frame new stairs & deck. Remove door to upper deck & tooth in beveled siding.  Remove metal & wood deck of flat roof.  Frame & sheath new hip roof. Blend newly extended eve to existing west wing roof.  Repairs to strengthen interior staircase.

The Concertina Bar

c. 1900 Saloon & Rooming House

2011 Restructure 2 doorways for new fire rated doors. Replicate mouldings & install to match.

2010 Reopen bricked-in entry door.  Cut new opening through structural cream brick wall. Oversee masonry repairs & installation of new doors w. transom over one. Create casings & back band to match original interior mouldings.

M. Cohen House

1926 Milwaukee Bungalow, Wauwatosa, WI

2011Refurbish maple staircase, remove vinyl & plywood layers. Sand & repair treads, risers & stringers. Fashion & install new oak hand rail.

2004 Design, mill & install mantel & related mouldings to transition to existing trim..

1989 Layout & paint large signs for Ear Waves Records.

Smudzynski Garden House

1972 Builder Modern    

Design & build garden house to reflect the home’s roof lines, color scheme & surface textures of smooth horizontal & rough-sawn vertical cedar siding.

2010       Hugh & Judy Simonson

            1932 Mediterranean Revival, Wauwatosa, WI

2010 Repair double decked porch columns, wood floor, doors & screen panels. Refinishf ront & rear entry doors.  Refurbish door locks throughout house.  Fix garage soffit, overhead door & mouldings. Reinforce handicap ramp & railings. 1996 Kitchen Remodel. Gut second generation cabinetry & trim.  Create new including pantry & new cabinets to compliment1840’s theme & antiques. Finish w. chair rail, paint & wall paper friese.

2000 Simonsen Fox River House, Waterford, WI / 1952 Ranch/Cottage Kitchen remodel. Gut original cabinets & repair walls & trim. Design new layout & install new cabinetry, countertops & crown mouldings. Cut pet access into basement door.


Ferencheck House

1952 Colonial Revival         

Design & build large bracketed gable roof hood over side entry.

Patrick Martin Fridel House

1926 Colonial Revival

Remove & replicate raised panel shutters.  Repair front & side entry gable hoods & brackets.

Wilmer Jacobs House

1892 Folk Victorian

Refine architects design, Cut & fabricate pair of open ogee brackets for rear entry gable hood.


2008 – 2009  Ralph Fleedge Saloon

c. 1900 Folk Victorian - Story & a half front gable with side shed & rear hip additions.

Create concept to redo often remuddled structure into rough hewn "Pa Kettle" aesthetic.

Remove layers of aluminum & asphalt siding. Apply 1" insulboard and furring strips for recycled barn board & batten exterior. Fabricate & install new jambs, sill & casings on all windows. Reconfigure interior to include, oversee all removals & installation of new electrical, plumbing, HVAC & insulation. Build walls & partitions for new ADA restrooms. Interior surfaces and decorations with lighthearted variations of wood species, stains and paints. Humorous use of substandard trim materials in dentil/teeth cornice, lighted step, faux trap door, patterned balustrade, crazy quilt floor, bark & wayne 2x4 trim, etc. Finishing touches to exterior include, 10" EAT & DRINK lettering on roof & open hay door /sign with portraits at front gable.


Fred W. Rogers House

1912 Herman Buemming, Tudor

 National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

2008 Fabricate & install custom segmental arch storm/screen door in white oak.

2007 Repairs to unique maple staircase with continuous tread through riser cove.

1994 Restoration of built-in gutters, parapet & cornice.

1992 Kitchen detailing & porch restoration


Gene McKiernan House

1920‟ Gable Bungalow

Design & build hip roof bay window & door hoods with heavy cedar shakes. Conceive & fashion bold brackets as well as upper gable extension with cross tie & finial. Create new feel in bathroom via bead board ceiling & wainscoting.

2007 Hotel Grafton, Grafton, WI

c. 1888 Queen Anne

Sensitive demolition. Remove 1960‟s faux hewn cedar beams & dropped drywall ceiling.

Investigate two story enclosed window expanse on stair landing. Remove 1950 back bar and open enclosed tower windows. Research & discover original photo of saloon interior.

Spirit Lake Cottages, Three Lakes, WI

Create color schemes for four structure complex. Design, fabricate & install craftsmen era brackets & timbers to add variety & cohesive character to understated new construction.

Mitchell Tavern & Residence

kc. 1930‟ Italian Renaissance

Design, build custom fence to compliment palladian entryway & flattened arches of storefront.

Colonel Everett Hart House, Wauwatosa, WI

c. 1890 Eastlake Queen Anne

Restore square tower surfaces including, rebuild & flash valley, recreate patterned shingle sections. Replicate & install various moldings, two large brackets & bulls eyes in two sizes.

2006 Gustav J. A. Trostel Mansion

1899 Adolph Finlder w. Hans Liebert, German New Renaissance Revival

 National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Replace deteriorated frame wall inclosing inset back porch. Remove fixed stain glass windows & demolish flat wall. Design & build new bay to accommodate sash weight pockets & function to windows. Extend flat roof over bay. Devise seven brackets in four designs & replicate half-timber fachwork & plaster exterior. Design, fashion & install interior millwork to include; bay flooring, custom baseboard, paneled wainscot & cap, built in book niche & ornate casings, all in quarter sawn oak.

Kuhry-Krajniak House

1894 Queen Anne

2006 Design one & a half story garage including loft studio in keeping with main house.

2001 New kitchen refrigerator niche, over stairs, detail cabinetry.

1994 Design & fabricate decorative table.

1993 New wood floor & crown molding installation.

1992 Design & build bookcase/closet and porch balustrade.



Charles Stolper House

1893 Queen Anne by John Roth Jr.

Restoration of coach house – Assess shingle & beveled siding. Layout & install fanned cedar shingles & repair venting on cupola, rebuild second floor porch, fabricate & install new metal deck. Raise & repair half round carriage door opening. Replace crown, fascia & soffit.

W. Finkley Home

1895 Queen Anne

Design & create architectural enframement for oversize dining room mirror. Replicate two elaborate oak head casings, jambs & trim with multiple custom moldings to match existing. Recreate missing sections of panel wainscoting to complete the room.




Frederic Rossman Saloon & Apartments

1894 Eastlake

Mayor‟ Urban Design Award, Bronzeville Revitalization

Replace missing sections of interior wainscot in pine, grain paint original wainscot to match. Demolish concrete block storefront infill. Redesign first floor transom through bulk-head including concept & fabrication of frieze with running scroll. Create secondary entry door to match original, repairs to apartment entry. Repair metal store cornice, bay & pediment, design & create leaded glass window, period name plate & Just Jazz & Blues signs. Color scheme & placement.

Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

c. 1915 Bungalow

Devise period color scheme and placement for residence.


Philip Dornuf Saloon and Residence

1886 Stick Style

■Cream Of The Cream City Award

Exterior restoration to include: concept, design and layout of banded and diamond roof pattern. Replicate and install five types of wall siding, beveled, notched, scallop, octagon butt singles and diagonal car siding. Conceive and develop appropriate main gable detail, and faux windows as security panels in bulkhead and first floor openings. Remove infill and re-glaze storefront with large plate glass. Design and construct double entry doors based upon side door (discovered between exterior board up and interior paneling.)

Remove single door and infill to recreate two leaf entrance with transom. Design and construct gable over flat roofed east addition Rebuild entire south corner of tower. Replace all water-table & apron. Repair/replace stick-work, casings, brackets, cornices & dentils in three sizes. Replicate tower gable fan. Create color scheme & placement.


Megan’s Enchanted Tea Rom, Brookfield, WI                                              

Design & create unique tables for one-of-a-kind party facility. Fabricate & paint monarch shaped table to seat twelve & caterpillar table for eight.


Jerome Ciglianni House

1918 Bungalow

 National Register of Historic Places, W. Washington/ N. High Mount Historic District

Design, construct & install oak mantle, over mantel paneling, flanking bookcases and window casings as well as large custom crown throughout living room & foyer. Recreate maple head casing cap to windows & doors throughout other rooms.

William Devillers House

1911 Arts & Crafts, William Devillers

Create segmental arch opening to fit pair of salvaged arch topped French doors. Layout & fabricate matching 10 light bevel glass sidelights. Mill & install eight varied moldings to blend all seamlessly into existing living room & adjoining solarium.

2003 Thomas Farm House

c. 1875 w/later additions, Waterville, WI

2003 Redesign bedroom to include custom bead-board wainscot, oak shoe, chair rail & oversize cove/crown, plus two secret closet doors. Remove 1970‟s post & beam kitchen décor. Create casings & v-grove wainscot in kitchen & two adjoining halls.

Conceive & create staircase, hall & loft w/ timber archways, curving wall, custom 8x8 volute topped newels & heavy Tuscan balusters.

2002 Redesign fenestration to unify various rambling additions including half-timber layout, window placement, balance areas of slab cedar & stucco infill & three distinct gable vents. Devise exterior color scheme. Conceive layout & install striped maple & cherry floor, segmental arched bed niche & custom crown mold for master bedroom.

2001 Extensive troubleshooting of contractor nightmare. Rebuild framing in two-story

bay & reset windows. Demolish newly built hip roof over bay, conceive and build pentagonal faceted witches hat.

1994 Exterior timber frame restoration, preliminary kitchen remodel

1991 Design & Execute built-in library wall including desk area w/ window.

1989 Install oak floor in library


2001 Milwaukee County Historical Society

Jeremiah Curtin House

1835 David Curtin design, Irish Style stone cottage

 Historic American Building Survey

 National Register of Historic Places, State Historic Marker Site, Milwaukee Landmark

2001 Coordinate masonry repairs to stone/stucco walls and cream city brick chimney.

2000 Coordinate volunteer exterior prep and paint project by Boy Scouts of America.

1999 Exterior restoration to include cedar roof repairs and replacement of rotted wood window sills in stone structure.

2000 Milwaukee County Historical Society

Benjamin Church House

1843 Builder - Benjamin Church, Greek Revival

 Historic American Building Survey

 National Register of Historic Places, Milwaukee County Landmark

2000 Exterior restoration to include replication of moldings, repair cornice, cedar shingle roof, window trim and clapboard siding

1998 Thomas Benjamin Hart House

1845 Cortland D. Rose builder, Gothic Revival

National Register of Historic Places, Wauwatosa Landmark

1998 Remove c.1920s interior wrought iron balustrade. Create walnut balustrade w/ curved carved handrail and fluted balusters to engage w/ salvaged octagonal newel.

1997 Master bath to include maple floor, new wall w/ pocket door, design & build cabinetry, archway over tub, custom casings, laundry storage, etc

1995 Design and restore missing elements including window label mold and pent roof, five varied finials with sawn, applied, turned and carved details designed to match five dominant pierced bargeboard patterns.

Mequon Parks Department

1998 Consultant to c.1890 bank barn at River Barn Park

1997 Julily Kohler


Commercial complex in various period styles

Engberg Anderson Architects

 National Register of Historic Places, Brady Street Historic District

■Cream Of The Cream City Award

1997 Redesign rooflines and fenestration to better exemplify commercial buildings from

1850‟ through 1920‟. Conceive, design and create all exterior ornament including various brackets, pattern shingles, cornice moldings, two hemispheres and date plaque.

1878 Cream city brick storefront & upper apt. w/Gothic elements

 National Register of Historic Places, Brady Street Historic District

1996 Demolish 1950‟ steel canopy, replicate original storefront sign space, cornice and bulk head. Design period color scheme & placement.

St. Roman’s Church

1997 Design and construct oak plant stands and podium to comply with existing altar and lectern.

Florence Terry Hulst House

1928 Eschweiler & Eschweiler, Adam Revival

 National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

1997 restore carved shell form - entry pediment. Remove & recreate wooden faux stone entry surround.

1996 Repair upper Chippendale balustrade & various windows, millwork & doors.

1995 Design, create and install four unique crown moldings in: foyer; central hall; pantry;

& lower bath.

1994 Conceive & execute variations to existing kitchen cabinets to include cock bead & crown molding. Design additional cabinets & library wall corner.

1996 Travanti Building

1881 Stick Style storefront and apartments

 National Register of Historic Places, Brady Street Historic District

Exterior restoration to include oversee removal of 1940‟ asphalt brick siding, re-configuring fenestration, repair of strap-work clapboard and shingle siding recreate leaded ocular windows, two leaf entry and carved sunbursts. Design color scheme and placement.

Jerald Greene, Cabin

c1838 Log cabin, Town of Erin

Cut back exterior side of rotted logs. Retain two inches of interior face & chinking. Stabilize & restructure exterior.

Joseph Sarnoski Barn

1897 Gambrale barn

Remove & replace sill beam carve out & epoxy restoration to rotted beam sections. Cut new drip-edge line & replace board & batten siding on north wall & shed.

Harter House

1889 Stick Style, Waukesha Historic Walking Tour

1996 Restore interior staircase. Remove c1920‟ colonial newel post, match & blend

extension of handrail & balusters. Design, fabricate & install large Eastlake newel over newly enlarged first tread. Create pair of glazed entry doors to front parlor.

1990 Restore missing porch, five-shingle pattern, stick & diagonal board wall ornament.

Wauwatosa Historical Society

Kneeland-Walker House, 1889 Design – Norman L. Kneeland, Queen Anne/Dutch Colonial

National Register of Historic Places, Wauwatosa Landmark

1996 Concept and restoration of east sleeping porch balustrade and wall.

1995 Preliminary steps for 1940‟ kitchen restoration.

1994 Concept, design and fabrication of interior staircase to access replica one- room school in coach house loft.

1993 Consult to project specifications for exterior restoration of Kneeland-Walker House.

1992 Project Manager, Kneeland-Walker Coach House exterior preservation.

Trimborn Farm

c. 1855-1936 Greek Revival house, barns and outbuildings.

National Register of Historic Places, State Historic Marker Site, Milwaukee Landmark and

Milwaukee County Park, Greendale, WI

1997 Execute 1993 Two Hands concept & design of two contemporary ADA compliant public restrooms in 1936 utility addition to farmhouse. Select tile & paint including cut window to door, chimney removal, soffit repair and new cedar roof.

1997 Create apartment in 2nd level of farmhouse. Determine floor plan & create kitchen pantry lay out. Over see plumbing & electrical alterations. Make all windows functional, door & floor repairs. Install salvaged medicine cabinet & create new scuttle to attic. Extensive prep-work & painting throughout.

1996 Fabricate and install new collar ties in stone stable roof. Restore framework and function to threshing barn doors.

1995 Design interior guide to five structures.

1995 Restore Smokehouse entry including new door & steps.

1995 Restoration of exterior woodwork and cedar roof repair of stone stable.

1994 Designer, Project Supervisor, Restoration carpenter. Plan new electrical service and lighting in great stone stable and threshing barn. Oversee installation by independent contractor, execute related carpentry.

1994 General Contractor, Restoration Carpenter. Oversee under pinning, excavation of original foundation and pour of new foundation and floor in threshing barn.

Preliminary development of "Bunk Room" in stone barn.

1994 Design, contract and oversee timber-frame restoration in lower stone stable and threshing barn. Remove c. 1910 lofts in each barn and restore to 1870‟appearance & structure.

1993 Research and develop color scheme and placement for farmhouse. Roof, cornice, door, sidelight, transom and window restoration prior to painting.

1992 Designer, Restoration Researcher, Carpenter and General Contractor. Demolish c.

1936 porch, oversee excavation and new footings. Build new front porch and ornament side porch to match. Concept and fabrication of threshing barn fire exit, invisible from exterior. Structural consultation and temporary shoring in threshing barn.

Amalie Frank House

1895 Marshall & Ryder, Queen Anne/Single Style

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

1995 Design and execute seven varied leaded windows. Kitchen rehabilitation, plus new oriel window.

1994 Concept, design ,fabrication and installation of double decked porch balustrade with pierced panels.

1993 Design and remodel three bathrooms w/custom cabinetry. Create custom moldings

for master bedroom. Rebuild dormer and bay cornice. Restore doors and locks throughout.

1992 Design and install yard fence. Interior wood floor restoration.

1991 Restore entry, hall and main staircase.

1990 Remove c.1950 mantle. Research, design and build hearth, mantle, mirrored over- mantle and adjoining bookcase. Locate & select appropriate set of historic fireplace tiles.

1995 Charles. E. & Agnes Arnold Residence

1907 Herman Buemming and Gustav Dick, Georgian Revival

 National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

1995 Restore dormers. Design & build garage/garden house in keeping with house.

1994 Restore east built-in gutters, cornice & build new skylight/scuttle.

1993 Restore north & south built-in gutters & cornice. Restore kitchen moldings & pocket door.

Sullivan House

1909 Arts and Crafts

National Register of Historic Places, W. Washington N. High Mount Blvd. Historic District

Match & replace lock style and mortise lock in shattered original entry door.

M. Candy House

1922 Italian Renaissance Revival

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Design & construct privacy balustrade for second level porch.

1994 John Ferinbcamp House

1876 Italianate

National Register of Historic Places, Walker‟ Point Historic District

1994 Replicate casings & jamb. Restore absent segmental arch between parlors.

1990 Design & build missing front & side porches & new storage addition to compliment house.

Borst Summer Schloss

West Bend, WI

1994 Remodel bath in 1920s cottage including custom bead board cabinetry to match.

1993 Design second story addition w/new roof & tower

1991 Design & build three decks, balustrades & trellises.

Drugan’s Castle Mound

Eau Claire, WI

Consultant to preservation of c. 1880 timber frame bank barn.

William Howard House

1854 Greek Revival

 National Register of Historic Places, Walker‟ Point Historic District

Research, design, fabricate & install library wall.

William G. Hochstein House

1914 Colonial Revival

Built-in gutter/cornice restoration. Roof & dormer consultation.

Washington Heights Open House

National Register of Historic Places, Washington Heights Historic District

Presentation on Restoration Carpentry

Ziino Inc.

c. 1870 Gothic Revival

Design exterior balustrade & individual color schemes for twin homes.

A.B. Kreuger

1892 Queen Anne Duplex

Design & build porch roof & balustrade to compliment house.

Gregory Rucinski House

1993 Design & build wall size „rimitive‟bookcase.

1992 Redesign stairs in 1980 town house. Demolish walls & rebuild to create two flight open staircase. c. 1830

Intercontinental Trading Co.

William H. Metcalf Mansion 1854-1876 Italian Villa,

 National Register of Historic Places

Cass/Juneau Ave. Historic District

1993 Design & fabricate historic balustrade to comply with contemporary building code.

Color consultation.

1990 Restore upper porch deck, built-in gutter & cornice

Andrew Passow – Lecturer

Design & execute presentation aids for traveling science demonstrations.

Round Robin Inc.

Redesign & Fabricate anvil form toy/bookcase prototype.

Franklin Gridley House

1890 Folk Victorian, Wauwatosa, WI

Design & execute fancy cut shingle gable.

Gehl Manufacturing Co. West Bend, WI

Design & fabricate scale model of manure spreader for 100th anniversary exhibit.

Creative Services International

Sea World - San Diego, CA & Orlando FL.

Custom cabinetry for Anheuser Bush animatronic exhibits.

Virginia Whelan House

c.1895 American Four Square, Waukesha, WI

1992 Restore dormers & porch cornices.

1990 Shingle wall, window & roof restoration.

Terese Agnew – Sculptor

1992 Consultation & construction w/artist. Tom & Mary Ida Johnson sculpture.   Rockford, IL

1991 Design development & construction of Viking ship "Bofin Ruin" installation.  Kenosha, WI   

1987 – 1991 Victorian Era Restoration

Artisan Carpenter, Foreman and Designer

Planning and executing all aspects of restoration carpentry including: historic research, preservation, reproduction, concept design & development, architectural drawing & client consultation. General contracting, scheduling & supervision of crew, fabrication & problem solving.

1991 Mandy Apple Farm

1910 Queen Anne House w/Neoclassical details, 1850-1900 outbuildings. Waterford, WI

1991 Restore double and triple deck porches

1990 Consultant to outbuildings preservation.

Lee Ovit Mansion

1901 Van Ryn & de Gelleke, Queen Anne/Colonial Revival, Waukesha, WI

Historic Waukesha walking tour.

Restore conical "Witch‟ Hat" tower roof sheathing, standing gutter & cedar shingles.

Friedmann Row

1891 Queen Ann Row House

WI Historic Marker, State Register of Historic Places.

Restoration of decorative carving, cornice, brackets & doors.

John Pailmen House

1918 Eclectic

Roof, cornice & interior moldings restored.

A Smith Barn

1894 Gambrel, balloon frame barn, Wauwatosa, WI

Consultant to preservation. Jack & temporary shoring.

Catherine E. Pickbach House

1923 Walter F. Neumann, Tudor Revival

 National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Over-mantle restoration, kitchen moldings & door restoration.

1990 Fisk Holbrook Day Mansion

1874 James Douglas, High Victorian Gothic Revival

 National Register of Historic Places, Wauwatosa Landmark

1990 Design & execute missing front porch for Milwaukee Symphony Showcase House.

1988 Extensive exterior & structural restoration, foundation to finial. Consultant to layout of cut & colored cedar roof and interior restoration.

Kneisler’s Tavern

1890 Queen Anne

Structural & exterior restoration plus painting consultation.

James Dahlke House

1933 Tudor "Rose Cottage", Waukesha WI

Replace interior decorative plaster, interior & exterior woodwork.

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre

"Animals", Ann Carlson

Set coordinator & Animal handler

Marion Grey Ogden House

1916 Armond D. Koch, Federal

National Register of Historic Places, North Point South Historic District

Restoration of cornice, bays, entry enframement & color consultation.

Frederick Koening Mansion

c. 1870 – 1897 Classical Revival

National Register of Historic Places, Coldspring Park Historic District

1990 Restore front porch, built-in gutter, cornice, columns & balustrade to 1897 reconstruction in Classical Revival style.

1989 Restore rear porch roof, built-in gutter & ornament to 1870 Stick.

Rungee-Coleman House

1903 Herman Buemming & Gustav Dick, Eclectic w/ Gothic Elements

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Design & Fabricate built-in bookcase.

Walter Greiger Horseradish Factory

1895 Germanic, shaped parapet gable

National Register of Historic Places, Brewer‟ Hill Historic District

Restore façade, windows & doors.

Michael Fancher House

c. 1910 Metron, WI

Design wrap-around porch roof with central octagonal "witches Hat" c. 1880.

1989 Abraham L. Fisch House

1908 Brust & Phillip, Tudor/Renaissance Revival

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Gable, bay & entry enframement restoration.

Richard Sykes House

1894 Queen Anne/ Classical Revival

Concordia Historic District

Fireplace & second parlor wood ornament restoration.

John A. Dutcher House

c. 1868 Stick Style

National Register of Historic Places, Brewer‟ Hill Historic District

Design "captain‟ wheel" detail, restore missing gable ornament & window hoods.

Historic Store Front Renovation Seminar

Sheboygan Falls, WI

Guest Speaker, "Restoration Carpentry"

1988 Leonard & Emma Meyer Residence House

1914 Carl Barkhausen, English Revival

Built-in gutter, cornice & bracket restoration.

Adam J. Meyer House

1905 Henry G. Lotter, Tudor Revival

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Airing porch balustrade design & fabrication. Half-timber & bracket restoration.

Dr. James A. Bach House

1903 Carl Barhause, Contemporary Germanic

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Create custom storm windows & replicate interior moldings.

Lawrence A. Olwell House

1925 Herman Buemming & Gustav Dick, Tudor

National Register of Historic Places, North Point North Historic District

Restore bay roof & interior moldings

L. B. Russenburger Town House

c. 1890 Queen Anne

Design & build new gable addition & replace missing dormer.

Dr. Schmitt House

1915 Eclectic Prairie

Fabricate & Install compound curved moldings for primary staircase.

Hirum Mosher House

1858 Hirum Mosher, mason, Federal

National Register of Historic Places, Brewer‟ Hill Historic District

Summer Beam restoration, interior Balustrade Consultation

Dr. Sullivan House

1906 Queen Anne

Shore rear third of house for new foundation. Redesign kitchen, pantry, back hall, basement stair case & back porch. Execute all related carpentry.

Dr. A. Schley House

c. 1886 Stick, Waukesha, WI

Historic Waukesha Walking Tour

Exterior restoration interior period adaptation to professional building with 1980 loft apartment. Design & build three story exterior staircase.

1983 – 1986 Discovery World Children‟ Museum of Science, Economics & Technology

Exhibit Builder

Design development, construction and troubleshooting of one-of-a-kind hands-on science exhibits. Extensive work on custom cabinetry in wood, metal, glass, laminates & plastics. Other duties included: lighting & sound system design & installation, model & pattern making, graphics, sign painting, illustration & photographic recording of new displays & events.

1978 – 1984 Bauer Dance Ensemble

Set Design development & construction

1982 – 1983 Derse Sign Co.

Production Sign Technician

Layout, typesetting, cutting, silk-screening, painting, lamination, fabrication & installation of signs & directories for public & commercial buildings.

1982 – 1983 Milwaukee Boys & Girls Club

Woodshop Instructor

1980 Phillip Harting House

1885 Henry Messmer, Gothic Revival

Extensive interior restoration.

Demanco Restoration

1974 – 1975 Arrowmont

Counselor, Art Teacher & equestrian Instructor for adolescent boys‟camp.

Cullowhee, NC

1973 Jessie Smith Inn

1849 Greek Revival with outbuildings c. 1845 – 1880 Big Bend, WI.

 Historic American Building Survey

 National Register of Historic Places

  Rehabilitation & restoration of timber frame barns.

Falk Corporation



State Historical Society, UW Milwaukee

Regional Archeology in Your Classroom, „6

Teaching with Photos & Documents, „6

Marquette University

How to Build Your Own Consulting Business „5

Grant Proposal Planning & Writing, ‟5

Wauwatosa Historical Society

How to Preserve Your Old Photos, 95

18 National Treasures, National Trust Speaker ‟5

Buying A Vintage House, ‟5

Old House Genealogy, ‟4

State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Waupaca

Barn Restoration Seminar ‟4

Alverno College

Building Your Own Home, ‟3

Badger State Carvers

Showa/Seminars, „1-‟3

Milwaukee Public Museum

Wisconsin Farm Life, ‟5


Japanese Joinery Seminar, ‟4

Carpenter/Cabinet Maker Apprentice, 1971 – 1980

Norman Raasch, - Senior journeyman, carpenter/exhibit builder/set designer, Allen Bradley Co. 

Hamilton High School 1971 Graduate – Special Merit Award, Visual Arts



2013             The Groman Museum, donation

2 Watercolors depicting the Lime Kilns at Graton, WI

2012              The Milwaukee Public Museum, donation

 c. 1860’s painted tin sign – Milwaukee Cigar Co.

2012             Greendale High School Theatre Department

Donation of materials & construction of Judge’s Bench for production of “Miracle on 34th Street”.

2007 – 2008       Greendale Education Foundation – Night of the Arts

1997 – 2006       Canterbury Elementary School

1996              Donation of historic materials to Circus World Museum, Baraboo, WI.

Milwaukee County State Historical Society, Milwaukee Department of City Development/Historic Preservation

1994 – 1996       Great Circus Parade

1994 – 1997       Old World Wisconsin

Speakers’ Bureau

1991 – 2001      Trimborn Farm Park

Harvest of Art & Crafts assistance & donations. Education Program development antique donations. “Limelight” newsletter creation & implementation. Build &install 2 dove rests on stone stable.  Solicit & secure at cost or free, Christmas trees, Easter lilies & pumpkins for seasonal event sales. Contact & coordinate low cost horse drawn wagon rides for fall & spring events.

1989 – 1997      Milwaukee County 4H Annual Fair

Art Judge


Visual thinking, restoration, woodcarving, graphics, set design, & construction, photography, public relations, equestrian training, musicology, historic collecting & humanitarian endeavors.

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